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  • What to Hold On To When it Feels Like You are Drowning

    On Wednesday, July 16 th, 2014

    The sparrows are full song at 4:48 am and his breath beside me is still this gentle relief of sleep. Who says the timeline has to be same for all of us? The last two weeks Shalom’s been ripping off these strips of duct tape and defiantly plastering the bottom of her foot, MacGuyvering some belligerent plantar wart that’s over stayed its welcome. Malakai keeps loosing track ...

  • Dear Women & Daughters: When You’re Tired of Media Voices Telling You What Beauty & Love Is

    On Wednesday, June 18 th, 2014

    Dear Daughter, When we stood in the check-out and you leaned over and said, “What? I can’t hear you?” I could read it right then in your eyes. Right there by all the glossy magazines screaming at you like a pack of jockeying hawkers. If you listen long enough to all the loud voices about who you should be, you grow deaf to the beauty of who you are.   Listen —...

  • Dear Weary & Overwhelmed Church, Parent, Kid [#JesusProject: Set #2 of 24 Free Prints] *UPDATED: Printable Bookmark

    On Thursday, June 05 th, 2014

    So they all will tell you that they’ve got all the answers, their loud headlines and swaggering words and studies done by men in ties. But what matters is unwrapping the hushed answer, the Word to all the questions. The one you find in that old story, in The Old Book that won’t be grabbing headlines over at the CNN or the Fox today or anytime soon. Listen for that answer, f...

  • Why You Really Have to Keep Falling in Love

    On Wednesday, April 09 th, 2014

    Stay in love. I tell the girl that in a hardly voice, the kind of voice that comes from a primal place. Though, truth be told, she tells me she doesn’t know if she had ever found that love place in the first place — which, yeah, makes it relatively hard to stay in love. “I don’t think I’ve ever loved Jesus. So I don’t know what it means to stay in love w...

  • Why You Need the Unlikely Principle of Ruby Worship [#TheJesusProject]

    On Wednesday, March 12 th, 2014

    as our ongoing Wednesday unpacking of #TheJesusProject…. today: John 4:23-24 of #TheJesusProject   Yeah, my Daddy might say otherwise, but we all got altars. His own daddy gave him this ring, a busted up, dirtied thing. And he tossed it in the back of some sticking old drawer. Didn’t think it’s worth much of anything. But there are things in a life that he did s...

  • The One Big Question Today is Really Asking You [And Your Answer Changes Your Life] [#JesusProject]

    On Wednesday, March 05 th, 2014

    So the plumber guy says he won’t have time to get the mudroom sink in today. The pipes, yeah, he can do that — but not the sink. Says he’s got church, got to be there at 10:30 or thereabouts. The Farmer hangs up the phone. “Plumber says he’ll have to do the sink later in the week? Guess there’s something happening on a Wednesday morning at the plumber’s church?”...

  • The 5 Words Guaranteed to Change Your Life: #DWHTY [#JesusProject 5]

    On Wednesday, February 12 th, 2014

    Somebody sure got old Marjorie Knight’s name plain wrong. I’m the geeky toothpick-kid from one farm over. Standing there in Miss Marjorie’s aged kitchen smelling of wood stove and rising bread, and you could outline her silhouette there in the window over the sink, her running the water — how she looked like a stone polished perfect. You could see how th...

  • How to Get Through Snowmaggedon & Everything Else that’s Burying You

    On Wednesday, February 05 th, 2014

    ‘Look, the only guys that watch the radar like this are the guys who fly.” “And the guys who farm.” Yeah, okay, I’ll give you that — I nudge him — farmers and the flying guys always watching the sky. The Farmer sitting there in his worn-out Wranglers and tattered t-shirt looks up from The Weather Network and that radar swirling across the screen like ...

  • Only the Good Stuff: Sharing the Joy this Weekend

    On Saturday, January 18 th, 2014

    Golden hour across the world – stunning photos “Ask God to help you let your light shine.” Just nothing less than amazing in this post “We hope one day our expectations of her, as a society, are more limitless than limited.” Beautiful words from a father on the life of his daughter … Absolutely unforgettable. The kids and I were w...

  • The #1 Organizing Secret that No One Tells You — That Can Change Everyone’s Life

    On Wednesday, January 15 th, 2014

    Just after midnight, I’m standing there in the kitchen swigging back a bit of a bottle. The house that looks like a stampede of wild horses had rode through mad sometime after dinner. I have no idea why there are several splayed dolls, tangled balls of yarn and the innards of some mechanical car remains strewn across the living room floor  — with a gentle dusting of al...

  • Scripture Memorization for the Rest of Us: The Jesus Project #MemoryProject2014 *UPDATED: Printable Bookmark with List of Verses

    On Monday, January 06 th, 2014

    When in Rome… yeah, that…. When in Rome, do as the Romans. 2013 was this slippery year of that — living in Romans, doing as Romans. The Farmer and I would crawl into bed, bone tired and hurting, lay there murmuring phrases of Romans 1 to each other… “Paul, a servant of Christ Jesus, called to be an apostle, set apart for the gospel of God… &#...

  • How to Get through Life’s Hard Parts (Video)

    On Friday, April 05 th, 2013

    When the notes keep coming out all wrong, Hope looks up from the piano. “Is that what she said? Didn’t she say play only the left?” Yeah, that’s what she’d said, I had heard her — that willowy piano adjudicator who’d tucked a loose strand of mouse brown hair behind her one bending ear and she had said that it goes like that, that y...

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