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  • The Habits that Make all the Others Possible

    On Wednesday, January 12 th, 2011
    When I told her that a habit is something that you wear, I felt it, how I caught on something, snagged. For days, I unravel. Forget figuring out how to form a habit. I’m not there yet. First, what are the few habits worth wearing? You can only layer so much. We put away the
  • Colossians in a Year: 2 Verses a Week {The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Bible Memorization} Habit #1 for a New Year

    On Wednesday, January 05 th, 2011
    W e’re reading this book and when the little girl on page 54 puts on her “habit,” a little hand here pats my shoulder and asks, “What’s a habit?” and I tell her this: a habit is something that is worn. She flickers recognition, nods, turns back to the page, waits for me to read
  • Returning to Your First LoveBible Memorization: Make a Commitment Booklet

    On Wednesday, November 03 rd, 2010
    I do have one of her pans on the top shelf. And under its warped blue rubber lid you can see it right there on the underside in faded black marker, her name still. A memory on pyrex. And I’m not the only one who can still taste her cherry cheese cakes from that nine
  • What the heart really knows: Why Memorize Scripture

    On Wednesday, October 27 th, 2010
    All the heart really knows — is what it knows by heart. This may be why I know so little, why my heart pounds hard with a thundering panicking emptiness, why it’s time to return to memorizing, return to my first love and the slow turning over again of His words, words my heart need
  • When Life Heats Up

    On Wednesday, November 18 th, 2009
    I‘ve got the squash peeled, gutted, chopped, November’s sun food, and water’s bubbling in grandma’s pressure cooker, the one with the decades old, hand-smoothed wooden handles, and I only need the weight, that thing-a-mo-bobber that will dance in the heat. And she not on the shelf by the stove where I tuck her away, or
  • Why Memorize Scripture: The Habit of Repeating Words

    On Wednesday, November 11 th, 2009
    He comes Friday for lunch, like always, and we meet in the doorway and, always, we wrap arms, me the daughter-in-law, him the worn father of the man whose ring I wear. He pats my back, and I brush his cheek. He’s seventy-five and he takes my seat and I bring the dish of squash,
  • Weekend Wanderings

    On Saturday, March 28 th, 2009
    May your weekend wanderings keep you in His Light, dear friends…. Memverse — free, online tool to aid in memorization of Scripture Related: Convert verse to just initial letter of each word — then print it out and carry with you. Engages brain and has made memorization infinitely easier for this old brain! Lenten Garden
  • Table Talk

    On Wednesday, March 11 th, 2009
    We lay ours aside, the words that normally fill our mouths, and sit around the table, slipping our forks under squash from our dirt, meat from our barns, and we offer each other words, living out words of the Psalmist. “God raised the sun today!” Hope grins, lighting. “I don’t hurt anywhere.” Levi looks up
  • God Speaks the Language we Know

    On Monday, February 16 th, 2009
    I’m blow drying this mop of hair, this hair with the cowlick, so heavy and thick and full, and the dryer howls and I’m rolling the wild strands all under, glancing at the quote beside the mirror, the one with a black and white picture of a long ago mama with her laced child on
  • Live Ready

    On Wednesday, February 04 th, 2009
    1 Samuel 3:18 So Samuel told him everything, hiding nothing from him. Then Eli said, “He is the LORD; let him do what is good in his eyes.” Psalm 116:15 Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of His godly ones. Deuteronomy 32:39 “See now that I myself am He! There is
  • When all else blows away…

    On Saturday, November 01 st, 2008
    October blew away. But I’ve held on to words, His: Him, the Word made flesh. Remember October as Mega Memory Month? Ann Kroeker’s offered an invitation to a memorization celebration. Not necessary to bring a salad or a dessert— just a little token from your month of memorizing. So, I’ve hemmed and hawwed (I’m shy!),
  • Extreme Faith

    On Monday, October 20 th, 2008
    The red sea of maples divides and we drive through on a part of dry gravel road, waves of color lapping in wind. A gust of autumn sprays brilliance. A splash of light carpets the way. We’re led through. “They say the colors are exceptionally vibrant this year.” He knows that’s what’s holding me rapt,
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