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  • Extreme Faith

    On Monday, October 20 th, 2008
    The red sea of maples divides and we drive through on a part of dry gravel road, waves of color lapping in wind. A gust of autumn sprays brilliance. A splash of light carpets the way. We’re led through. “They say the colors are exceptionally vibrant this year.” He knows that’s what’s holding me rapt,
  • Committing His Word to Heart

    On Thursday, October 02 nd, 2008
    “It was this… intention that made the primitive Christians such eminent instances of piety…. And if you will here stop and ask yourself why you are not pious as the primitive Christians were, your own heart will tell you that it is neither through ignorance nor inability, but purely because you never thoroughly intended it.“
  • Exercises that make the most difference

    On Thursday, September 25 th, 2008
    It all may seem a bit…ridiculous. Each morning, I submit myself to this, tending my own vineyard. I voluntarily sit on the rowing machine, inhale deeply, and pull. Leg muscles drive back. Abdomen tightens. Arms pull long and hard. One stroke. Two seconds. A couple of meters. My heart rate picks up. A few calories
  • ART of Memorizing

    On Wednesday, August 20 th, 2008
    So we eat and talk and pull out our sheets of verses from the dinner-table book basket and pour over the words, The Word, in between forkfuls. We recite during slurps of desert’s ice cream cones. Tattered sheets are stuffed in pockets to review in between barn feeding chores, doing up dishes, putting little ones
  • Borrowed Words

    On Friday, August 15 th, 2008
    I’m at back door, bag over shoulder, mirror just checked and strand tucked behind ear, and I call to them who mingle here, “I love you! I won’t be gone long…” And a voice comes from the kitchen, high and young, heavy with stack of bowls from crumbed table. “Goodbye, Mom….” Dishes clatter. “God goes
  • What Do I really Want….

    On Friday, February 22 nd, 2008
    The moon floods her walls, quilts and face with light, reflected and brilliant. And she, with that two-year-old voice that warms me, lights me, whispers before prayers, “I say it again for you, okay Mama?” I nod, and squeeze her little hand, and she takes a deep breath, her eyes rolling high, looking for words,
  • Memorize

    On Friday, January 04 th, 2008
    “That which is known by heart is what the heart knows.” ~Dennis Lennon Lord, what does my heart know? What do I want it to know? Let me know You, Your Word, by heart…More memorization encouragement….
  • The Lovers’ Text

    On Saturday, October 27 th, 2007
    “Exegisis is loving God enough to stop and listen carefully to what He says. It follows that we bring the leisure and attentiveness of lovers to this text, cherishing every comma and semicolon, relishing the oddness of this preposition, delighting in the surprising placement of this noun. Lovers do not take a quick look, get
  • Children Desiring God

    On Saturday, October 13 th, 2007
    Two resources that may whet your children’s appetite for more of God…~A note in the inbox from Jerusha: “I’m writing is to tell you about Seeds Family Worship… They have four cds of Scripture songs that are broken down into topics (verses of faith, purpose, praise, courage). They’re really great!”The children and I listened to
  • This Week’s Memorization…

    On Tuesday, September 25 th, 2007
    This week we are putting 1 Jn 3: 9-13 into our hearts, as we cumulatively work our way as a family through the book of 1 John, four verses a week, reviewing also all previously learned chapters and verses… This little girl made us all smile, laugh, rejoice … and spurred us all on. Come
  • Salvage

    On Friday, July 27 th, 2007
    The poem we are memorizing in our Morning Gathering Time… This is the Day ~Annie Flint Sigh of the breezes or sob of the tempest, Skies of pure azure or clouds hanging low, Sunshine or frost or the last of the storm wind, Veiling of mist or the white whirl of snow; Welcome the day!
  • What Are you Memorizing?

    On Thursday, April 19 th, 2007
    It was a year ago that our 5-year-old Levi worked on Words of Life. Tonight I sit here with Shalom watching the last of the rose sun disappear in the west, waiting for the van to come home full of children and news: Did Hope and Levi recite this year’s Words of Life, 22 verses
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