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Morning Gathering

  • Homeschool Routines and Rhythms

    On Thursday, November 19 th, 2009
    `What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the soul.’ – Joseph Addison You learn to speak by speaking, to study by studying, to run by running, to work by working; and just so, you learn to love by loving. All those who think to learn in any other way deceive themselves.
  • Poems We have Loved

    On Monday, October 26 th, 2009
    A kind reader slipped a note asking for a poetry title or two for children, so we pulled some favorite anthologies off our shelves…. Widgets And please, if you have a favorite anthology of poems that you have lingered long over and have loved, do share! Share your thoughts?…Would you like Holy Experience posts
  • Slow Down: for Words and Dreams

    On Friday, October 16 th, 2009
    When I light the candles for the afternoon gathering of books and blankets and baskets of read alouds, they come too with creativity, their yarn and needles, weavings and colors, paints and journals … and the hours find other time, the lungs a new air. I read the stacks, Caddie and Little Threads, and dreams
  • A Day in the Life of Homeschooling: 7 Rungs

    On Thursday, October 08 th, 2009
    “The best thing you can do for your fellow next to rousing his conscience, is — not to give him things to think about - but to wake things up that are in him; or say, to make him think things for himself.” - George MacDonald ::: S even Daily Rungs Our choices add up.
  • A Life BookList: Free Journal to Record Your Reading

    On Wednesday, September 02 nd, 2009
    If you’d like to chronicle your reading trails, leave a trace of titles that have formed you… or encourage your children to record all the books they have read…. Veritas Press is offering a free download of A Life BookList Journal, a journal of “Literary Adventures“…. Just jot down the title, date, and leave your
  • How to Feed Brains Everyday (Daily Links for Hungry Minds)

    On Thursday, August 27 th, 2009
    Fed Your Brain Today? Daily Brain Links Links to click everyday for all the lifelong learners….   Want to foster lifelong learning? Check out these “Everyday Links…” Every link listed here  is updated every single day with new, intriguing information — right across the curriculum spectrum. Checking out the links everyday expands the mind….Think of
  • Homeschool Planning

    On Thursday, August 13 th, 2009
    a snippet of the plans for this year… Part of my Homeschooling Planning this year … I’m very much looking forward to using Tanglewood’s Charlotte Mason planner…. seemed like a very good fit this year Drawing up planning sheets like this … For the last several years I’ve drawn up my own template based on
  • Preparing A Home For Learning…

    On Thursday, August 13 th, 2009
    repost from the archives as we again prepare for a fresh season of exploring… “Home…Family is where your story begins” … hanging over the study room entry. So we begin the story here with days of home learning. And learning to love, like bumping over washboard potholes down a gravel road: it’s bumpy at times,
  • How to Nurture Geniuses

    On Tuesday, June 23 rd, 2009
    Dormant geniuses lie sleeping down the hall. They eat across from us at the breakfast table, sit next to us in mini-vans taxiing to soccer fields, even look back at us from our bathroom mirrors. What if genius is the normative intent of what God’ bestows and our own lack of faithful stewardship results in
  • The Multiplying of Loaves and Fishes

    On Saturday, May 09 th, 2009
    Do you know what He’s done through you? You’ve clothed and fed school children in Georgia and Armenia.You’ve bought moringa trees for families in Africa.You’ve provided micro-loans to families in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawai.You’ve supported an education for girls in China.You’ve stocked medical clinics and furnished classrooms.You’ve bought emergency first aid supplies.You’ve aided in emergency
  • Hummin’ Along: How to Compose New Habits

    On Tuesday, November 04 th, 2008
    As we work on our November Habit Lists, keeping these thoughts at the fore…. I have flailed and I have failed. Too many days I have meted out grating cacophony, loose and disordered. There’s a time to stir porridge, but someone howls, “I can’t find socks!” and I’m digging about for two purple ones the
  • Wonders: A Nature Table Gathering

    On Wednesday, October 22 nd, 2008
    A walk in light and sun and wind and blazing world…. and we gather, set the world as the centerpiece in the midst of the stitched scraps, gathered too. And the toadstools, mushrooms, morels, fungi, quiet accordions of shy flesh collected, wait for the naming on snippets of paper, child taking stubby lead to christen
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