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Mothering Prayer

  • Children and Service

    On Wednesday, May 30 th, 2007
    Thinking on service, one of the daily Seven Rungs: “labor: a way of serving“…serving the elderly… serving community…serving family… : “Once a month, you may wish to plan a service project that the family can do together. This not only allows you to practice serving others, but it gives you shared experience.” ~Five Signs of a Loving Family, Chapman“True greatness is a passionate love for God that demonstrates itself in an unquenchable love and concern for others.” ~Raising Kids for True Greatness, Kimmel “When parents of rebellious kids come to me for help, this is the question I ask: “How are you and your kids serving God in a substantiative and sacrificial way? Do you have a faith with sweat on it?” ~from my notes of the Parenting Matters Conference, Tim Kimmel Lord, make me a blessing, a servant today. Because my example speaks volumes. Do I love You enough that my faith costs me something?
  • Of Dispensers and Thermostats

    On Thursday, May 24 th, 2007
    Elizabeth Elliot: “Each Christian is a dispenser… All that I have is meant to contribute to the needs of others, and what I need will be supplied through God’s dispensers. Thus He unifies and harmonizes the whole church, which is his body, making each dispenser indispensable, for each dispenses a grace which is peculiarly his.” Simply Charlotte Mason: “Some people are like thermostats and some are like thermometers. A thermostat regulates the temperature and atmosphere of the home. It is set to a constant temperature, and if the atmosphere around it heats up, it kicks in and gets that temperature back to normal. On the flip side, a thermometer reacts to the temperature and atmosphere around it. If the air around it heats up, it heats up too. In other words, a thermometer is controlled by its atmosphere; a thermostat controls its atmosphere.” (To read more on regulating the atmosphere of your home) Lord, make me both in this home: a dispenser at the sink today, being poured out again and again (That’s my purpose)… a thermostat regulating the temperature in our home, not a reactive thermometer (that’s my calling). I am simple: let these word pictures linger long.HT: Betty’s Bits
  • On Mothering

    On Saturday, May 12 th, 2007
    From the archives… a piece that received Heather Ivester’s (of Mom2Mom Connection) beautiful book: From a Daughter’s Heart to Her Mom: 50 Reflections on Living Well I became a mother on the eve of Mother’s Day. And when they placed that vernix-covered , wrinkled babe into my 21-year old arms that muggy Saturday evening in May, no wave of relief, or ecstasy washed over me. Being the first to caress another human being’s cheek, I only felt raw, unadulterated, strangling terror. If I could have ran, I would have. My weak, rubbery legs failed me. Newborn babe on chest drowsily opened one eye and looked into mine…and I choked. This person, so helpless and fragile, was depending on me—- flawed, deficient, inexperienced me. Tomorrow, my husband would tenderly present me with my very first Mother’s Day card. And I wasn’t ready. I had never shaped another person before. I had my own issues, my own baggage. Didn’t someone at least need a license or something before taking home a swaddled bundle of precious humanity? And I knew, far too personally, how the struggles of a Mother affected a vulnerable child. A mere seven days before, lumbering under the heaviness of pregnancy, I had wandered down the hollow halls of a locked psychiatric ward…having left my own mother behind the heavy steel doors for a 72-hour stay. One hand on my swollen belly, my other had brushed away hot, stinging tears. I ached with sadness for Mama, weary from battling her
  • Do What Mother Did

    On Friday, May 11 th, 2007
    I sat on the edge of the bed last night, Darryl softly filling the night silence with slumber breaths. In the wave of the old glass mirror, I could see my Grandmother’s brown quilted sampler hanging on the far wall. Before me were the nine-patch squares of my mother’s wall hanging. Stitches to be fingered, run along to memories and heart places. But what would I have of Gertje (Vanderhoef) Voskamp, my mother-in-law? Large silver serving spoons from Holland in the cutlery drawer. Knitted socks in all the drawers. A crocheted baby blanket in blue in the linen closet, she so certain our second was another Voskamp son. True. She was rarely wrong. Yet, for some reason, sitting there in a shaft of moon light, I wanted something to pull up and close, something to blanket and cover us, something to hang on a wall as a daily testimony of such a person. I wanted a piece of fabric to daily touch for her 3 score, ten and two more, she who loomed a giant in my life. But she had been busy raising nine, (two of whom she buried), embroidering names on endless socks and underwear, cooking boterkoek for family gathered around the table after evening milkings, shelling mountains of peas for the freezer. There hadn’t been time for quilts. But she always made time for reading the Bible after every meal, praying with each of those nine children before school, running Good News Bible Club for 60 plus
  • Led by GPS

    On Thursday, May 10 th, 2007
    Heading north down the field I had vision, that endless blue sky stretching out like a royal canopy under which we could ride to where earth meets the heavens. But at the northern headland, I’d throttle back on that 175 horsepower tractor, pull the hydraulic lever up to raise those 30 feet of steel teeth digging deep behind me, wind that steering wheel hard to the right, throttle up, drop those teeth down again and head south down the field. Driving blind. Those gusts of wind from the northern regions of this spinning planet, those winds upon which His chariot rides, caught me up in a swirl of blinding, choking dust. The murky roiling fog of earth particles obscured the mark of my last pass down the field, earth turned up, exposed and warm. With no guide, where to drive? Pull five feet more to the right? Three feet to the left? I couldn’t be leaving gaps of unworked earth, a crusty, impenetrable seed bed. Nor could I be overlapping, wasting time, tractor hours, and fuel working soil that was already laid open for seeds. But here I was driving 12th gear, full throttle, ripping up the earth’s crust, all the while like someone had thrown a red bandana over my eyes leaving me to grope and weave uneasily down the field. I gave up squinting out the windows. I’d drive blind. I’d head down the field led only by the global positioning system, signals from on high. The screen
  • Getting back in touch when it’s all driving you a touch crazy

    On Wednesday, May 02 nd, 2007
    “I think I am going a touch crazy.” The words catch in my throat somewhere in the midst of scratching casserole remains from the corners of a 9 by 13 pan and monitoring piano practices. Maybe another day I could have found something to feebly chuckle about through the choking words, but today stinging tears of exhaustion and hopelessness blur my vision. From my vantage point at the kitchen sink, it all looks despairingly familiar, a millionth showing of a frame jammed on replay. And at this point in the scene, the script calls for me to sink my head down onto the countertop and have a good cry…or just give up and run away. To continue readingWant to get back in touch when going a touch crazy? Touch Christ, Touch Cross, Touch Cave, Touch Children, Touch Cana. Read how in this month’s homeschooling column at CWO.
  • Day’s Evaluation

    On Tuesday, April 03 rd, 2007
    “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.” ~R.L.Stevenson
  • Praying the Lord’s Prayer

    On Friday, March 23 rd, 2007
    “Your kingdom come“…. means “my kingdom go.” Lord, I want Your way today…Your Kingdom, Your will, Your purposes. Let me be crucified. Let me decrease. Let me forsake my kingdom so Yours may come.
  • Today’s Mothering Prayer

    On Friday, February 23 rd, 2007
    “…and with him comes my own heart.” Philemon 1:12 “…the child’s most fixed and dominant habits are those which the mother takes no pains about, but which the child picks up for himself through his close observation of all that is said and done, felt and thought, in his home.” ~Charlotte Mason Father, these children will take my heart and my example out into the world. What will that look like, them carrying my heart into the world? Me first, Lord. Walk me through the Refiner’s fire first, Lord. So my heart may be after Your heart.
  • This is Your Life

    On Wednesday, February 14 th, 2007
    “I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse.So choose life in order that you may live, you and your descendants, by loving the LORD your God,by obeying His voice,and by holding fast to Him; for this is your life… “ ~Deu. 30:20
  • Today’s Mothering Prayer: The Purpose

    On Tuesday, February 13 th, 2007
    “The purpose of my instruction is that all believers would be filled with love that comes from a pure heart, a clear conscience, and a genuine faith.” ~1 Tim. 1:5 Lord, there it is: the point of my instruction in this home. Love. And Love can only come from Pure hearts, Clear Consciences, A Genuine Faith. Will You instruct me on how to instruct them in what the purpose of this living really is: to be filled with Christ-love. So we might be known as Your disciples.
  • Today’s Mothering Prayer: Why we do what we do…

    On Wednesday, January 10 th, 2007
    “We want to present them to God, perfect in their relationship with Christ.That’s why I work and struggle, so hard,depending on Christ’s mighty power that works within me.” ~Col. 3:28 Lord, the flakes are falling softly here, in the morning quiet. I will work and struggle today… it will be hard.But what will work in me will be greater, mightier. You.And that will make all the difference.
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