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Mothering Prayer

  • After Steubenville: 25 Things Our Sons need to know about Manhood

    On Wednesday, March 20 th, 2013

    Dear Son, When you’re the mother of four sons, Steubenville is about us. Steubenville is about having a conversation with sons about hard things and asking you to do holy things. Because a Steubenville doesn’t begin with football and it doesn’t begin with alcohol and it doesn’t begin with unsupervised jocks with inflated egos and shriveled morals. ...

  • Why Weak is the New Strong: Radical Right Where You Are {Pt4}

    On Wednesday, February 06 th, 2013

    So I fell extremely anemic in the fall. Could hardly drag out of bed, felt like jello, looked like a gaunt ghost, and got winded walking from the sink to the stove. I’d draped arms around the Farmer’s neck and told him I was sure I was right broke. So the nurse at the doctor’s office drew this vial of blood to see what was the deal. I dragged myself bac...

  • God Made a Mother and You — So Farmer On!

    On Monday, February 04 th, 2013

    I sat beside a girl in Mr. Seuter’s grade nine math class who said she was getting out of here. She was getting out of this no name little farming town and she was getting out of this hick place with its hick boys and she was getting free of everything her daddy ever was. I knew her daddy. He was known for planting rows of corn as straight as a fence line and working h...

  • When You Give Up, and You Break, You’ve Made It

    On Tuesday, January 29 th, 2013

    So that’s what I told my pretty wondrous friend, Sarah Mae: “My kids don’t need a SuperMama. They need to see a Mama who needs a Super God.” And  Sarah Mae, author of Desperate, she nodded — and she guest posts with this story here today: ‘I don’t want to be a servant – I want to be a Caroline.” So says the three year old...

  • Best Way to Get Through Hard Times

    On Friday, January 18 th, 2013

    It’s what I sang over dishes. Sang on the days when I felt too weary to take another step, clean up another mess, change another diaper. Keep singing when I need to keep going on. It’s what I sing when the enemy attacks with lies, when I feel alone and scared, when I fear the future and whispers in the shadows. It’s what my mother-in-law, a Dutch farmer&...

  • How to Be the Parent You Want to Be: 40 Things Every Child Must Know Before They Leave Home

    On Friday, January 11 th, 2013

    Dear Son — You have to know how your unfolding from me was a miracle. That’s the miraculous thing about miracles – they really do happen. How is it in this crazy, holy world does a girl-woman bear a boy-child? How does she raise a squalling boy-child into a man? What can a woman know about raising a man? And this the thing: there’s only so much time to go from po...

  • How to Not Miss Your Real Life Calling

    On Friday, November 16 th, 2012

    When they cut the three right open and start pulling out the inner guts, there isn’t a sound in the room. They’re focused and silent and pulling at strings and ripping away at things and I wonder if I am doing any of this ridiculous thing right? Not the pumpkins — I could care less how we hack these three up. It’s the kids, this year, my life. I keep ...

  • The Truth about Really Having it All

    On Friday, September 21 st, 2012

    I t was after the waves. After the waves of contractions, after the waves of blow out diapers and wet nursing pads that leaked through the let downs and the damp spit blankets that piled high at the bedroom door. Long after the waves of colic at 3 am and the 4:30 am crying, both the swaddled and terrified toddler, and the sleepless nights in that faded worn flannel that bl...

  • How to Cultivate the Habit of Focus . . . . . in an Age of Distraction

    On Wednesday, September 05 th, 2012

    The rest of us cracked open books here. A certain little someone walked around with posies of pink erasers on the end of slim yellow stems. We read about maple trees and conifers and the Canadian Shield and made the ivories sort of sound of mostly like Ode to Joy. When I turned a page and read about the ceremonies of native Indians, the kid with the curls and the posy of pen...

  • What Fills the Space after a Goodbye

    On Tuesday, September 04 th, 2012

    He wasn’t yet a week when I changed his diaper in the front seat of that Ford Escort and he’d christened his father’s steering wheel with this stream of pale gold. The Farmer had muttered something about this boy of his being the death of him yet. I’d chuckled, tucked the falling hair behind the ear, sealed the lumpy diaper and snapped up the buttons ...

  • When You’re Broken & Don’t Know Where to Go:

    On Thursday, August 30 th, 2012

    When she was standing there in the spring, under the blaze of the blooming trees, I could remember 13. I could remember the burn of the unfurl, and how the becoming sears, and how does a mother help a daughter light? How does a woman be a light? We had walked down to the water’s edge. The sky smothered like a grey blanket and I could feel her struggling flail, al...

  • a prayer for a daughter

    On Friday, August 24 th, 2012

    Father who breathed into this daughter… I pray for this girl being formed into eternity….   May the wind always be in her hair May the sky always be wide with hope above her And may all the hills be an exhilaration the trials but a trail, all the stones but stairs to God. God, clothe this girl in a gown of grace Grace, the only dress that makes beautiful, the...

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