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  • What Your Address Really Is

    On Monday, July 09 th, 2012
    The bus that we boarded at the airport, it drove right through an earthquake. It turned out of the airport like we did this afternoon, with a Canadian Compassion team on board just like ours, and somewhere on its way through the streets toward the Hotel Montana, something grabbed hold of the earth and shook
  • Why Now is the Perfect Time

    On Friday, July 06 th, 2012
    On the way into town, the boy told me the wheat was about ready. And I look across to the west and all those gold heads swaying yes — and I look over at him, elbow resting half out the window and all July’s heat blowing in, and none of this was supposed to happen this
  • When You Want a Great Life Plan

    On Thursday, April 26 th, 2012
    The day after Resurrection Sunday, day after the world stopped because God had risen up and walked out of the earth — his father came and sat at the table, and we hadn’t seen him in four months. We served the last of the lamb and the first of that spinach. And the Farmer sat
  • when you’d really like to wear sheer joy

    On Tuesday, November 15 th, 2011
    When Rosa’s youngest, little Liliana, scooped up that puppy right there next to the potato patch, she just hid behind his gaping mouth, eyes all large and laughing. Rosa told us what Liliana had done — that Liliana had found that puppy wandering abandoned — lost— outside her classroom. That Liliana had brought the puppy
  • When Compassion becomes a Gold Rush

    On Saturday, November 12 th, 2011
    We wind around a thousand mountains and canoe up a river of gold to find him. To find the boy someone named Jonathan. Gold panners, they run the whole throat of the Amazon through their boxes, through their bare hands, looking for gold flakes flashing… Jonathan, he just stands by his shack on toothpick stilts
  • When You Are In Desperate Need of Hope

    On Thursday, November 10 th, 2011
    It can come straight out of an empty sky – Hope like a cloud — only the size of a man’s fist. When I meet Lidia, when I cup her face and pull her near, and her mother stands right next to here, there in her white shirt. Her mother named Blanca and smiling. Blanca,
  • Because God Really knows How to Meet Needs

    On Wednesday, November 09 th, 2011
    The man said he couldn’t leave his pigs. That me asking him to leave his pigs was like him asking a nursing mama to abandon her babies — and a couple hundred of them. I understood what the Farmer was saying, I did. The way the man needed his hogs or something in him would
  • When Thanksgiving Becomes Thanksliving …

    On Tuesday, November 08 th, 2011
    The Farmer and I traveling with Compassion to Ecuador, slipped into our beds here in Quito this morning at 2 am after a day of travelling… us carrying this story from home and all the preparing to go, carrying it out now into the Ecuador streets… Thank you for traveling with us in these posts
  • when you don’t want to be immune to life

    On Friday, November 04 th, 2011
    ‘I’ve needled a few pigs.” That’s what he says after he’s filled out the forms and the doctor peels back the tab on the syringe. “So, yeah – just feel free to — “ he waves his right hand in the direction of his left deltoid. “Yeah – just —  go ahead.” The Farmer, he
  • when food’s a hallowed thing

    On Friday, July 29 th, 2011
    Weeds keep coming up and we can’t keep up. But July, all carefree, just shrugs its shoulders and the zucchinis bloom happily anyways into these steaming plates, lettuce frilling the edge of sultry days. So I take that basket brought back from Africa, the one with the name of the woman who wove it, written
  • When You Want Easter to be as Meaningful as Christmas

    On Wednesday, March 23 rd, 2011
    ‘I’ll need a match.” Levi says this looking for light, to ignite a wick and singe us with prayer. How many flames to burn off dross and liquefy the steeled cold into the mold of Christ? I hand Levi the matchbox. He snaps one red match head into a singular furnace. The ringing candles flicker
  • what really happens when you give to the poor

    On Thursday, February 03 rd, 2011
    The day her letter finally arrives, a letter from Xiomara, the girl in the middle of the frame and the only sponsored child I’ve met, I rip into it anxious, and part of me soars. We had wheeled happy the day we met, the happiest day. How long has it been since that day in
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