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  • 5 Truths When You Feel Tired & the World’s Broke Your Heart a Bit

    On Monday, July 28 th, 2014
    Ssometimes you just need someone to storm heaven for you Sometimes you just need someone to hoarse whisper it for you — Father of the Tired & Broken-Hearted… oh, hear our prayer…. Give Your Child the wisdom to know it this week: Hiding when you’re hurting won’t heal you and growing isolated can just let
  • A Prayer for the BrokenHearted

    On Wednesday, July 10 th, 2013
    Father of the broken-hearted daughter… oh, hear our prayer…. Give Your daughter the wisdom to know it: Hiding when you’re hurting won’t heal you and growing isolated can just let infection grow. Give Your daughter the love to live it: The secret way to heal a broken heart is to let love leak out like
  • Step One: When You Feel Like You’re Sinking Fast?

    On Thursday, June 06 th, 2013
     Soft-spoken and kind, he’d put the Farmer right at ease and they’d talked hogs and dirt and sky and the sovereignty of God over seeds and all small things. He gave advice, humble and gracious, fatherly. We talked words. He’d prayed over us. I had told the Farmer that on the way home, that it’s
  • What Gosnell and the Gospel Mean to the Brave …

    On Tuesday, April 16 th, 2013
    Dear Son, So your GPS can say that it’s about 5 hours and 24 minutes from Steubenville to Gosnell’s clinic in Philadelphia? But you’d be about right if you said Gosnell and Steubenville were right around the corner from one another. And you were about right when you said that Gosnell is as much about us as Steubenville
  • The Sister Promise: What We make to Our Sisters *Updated with Video

    On Friday, February 08 th, 2013
    It was after the brownies, when I’m dabbing up the calorie crumbs, that she just spills this confession like the folds of some priestly robes. She says she’s damaged him. As if you can throw a kid a glare that punches him in the gut so hard you chip off a bit of his fragile
  • Best Way to Get Through Hard Times

    On Friday, January 18 th, 2013
    It’s what I sang over dishes. Sang on the days when I felt too weary to take another step, clean up another mess, change another diaper. Keep singing when I need to keep going on. It’s what I sing when the enemy attacks with lies, when I feel alone and scared, when I fear the
  • How to Not Miss Your Real Life Calling

    On Friday, November 16 th, 2012
    When they cut the three right open and start pulling out the inner guts, there isn’t a sound in the room. They’re focused and silent and pulling at strings and ripping away at things and I wonder if I am doing any of this ridiculous thing right? Not the pumpkins — I could care less
  • a prayer for a daughter

    On Friday, August 24 th, 2012
    Father who breathed into this daughter… I pray for this girl being formed into eternity….   May the wind always be in her hair May the sky always be wide with hope above her And may all the hills be an exhilaration the trials but a trail, all the stones but stairs to God. God,
  • When All Hope Feels Like a Drought

    On Wednesday, July 25 th, 2012
    Aman can watch the sky like a plea. “And we didn’t get nothing — not one drop.” That’s what the farmer’s wife said to me before breakfast. How she headed home from town in a flat-out gully washer of a rain, thinking this was finally it — the whole dark sky like the ocean coming
  • When You Need an Answer to Prayers

    On Friday, July 20 th, 2012
    A s she swings higher at twilight, there is only quietness. Only all these quiet prayers with the sun on the nape. And the prayers, they are doing something, and it can be felt in the bones. Prayer isn’t merely talking to God — it is being transformed by God. Prayer is this moving towards
  • How to Pray {Friday on the Farm}

    On Friday, June 22 nd, 2012
    She prayed and she worked and the prayers were the work that would outlast fire. And that is what she thought, there at the window with the cloth in her hand. Pray with eyes on Christ and not on the crisis. Because when you pray with eyes on Christ and not on the crisis —
  • when you are feeling overwhelmed…

    On Friday, June 15 th, 2012
    When a sparrow gets caught behind the couch, it’s the light at the other end, behind the poor thing, that we keep trying to turn that one pounding heart towards. Because the thing is and don’t I know it: If you’re turned the wrong way, you can’t see the light at the end of the
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