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  • 3 Ways of Finding Fulfillment– No Matter What You’re Facing

    On Wednesday, October 30 th, 2013
    So maybe the way to still be left standing at the end of the day, when you get to the end of everything, is to never stop breaking free from the fences of noise, to love the expanses of solitude that you carry on the inside, because the truth of it is that stillness with God
  • When You Feel like Everyone is Bigger, Better, Smarter… { or ‘How to be a Star’}

    On Monday, May 13 th, 2013
    When the fog meandered in lost on a spring evening in May, she hung her apron up in the back mudroom. She wandered down the back lane too. Down in the woods, she could hear them, the frogs singing, an invisible symphony. She knotted the one side of her skirt up to step over a
  • Happy May! How to Make a Better Future

    On Wednesday, May 01 st, 2013
      A better future always simply begins — in a series of prayerful nows. :: :: “If you cannot find time to pray, ask for forgiveness. Ask to be cleansed of the sin of having no time to pray … It could be that Satan is pushing you into too much work so that you
  • How to Focus in an Age of Distraction: 10 Things to do Before you Click {Printable}

    On Wednesday, April 24 th, 2013
    There are robins finally. And mud ringing the laundry room tub and the clocking ticking and the faucet dripping. We turn pages. Get turned around. Somebody stubs their toe. Somebody is held. Somebody holds on. A screen flickers. There is only so much time. {10 Things to do Before You Click: Print one for every
  • How to Make a Home

    On Thursday, April 11 th, 2013
    Sometimes in the middle of the night, her hip would graze his and his arm would find her waist and she would lay awake in the middle of their life. She didn’t know what would come next and how it all would unfold, but that new mercies always would. He made it simple. Raising, teaching,
  • Best Way to Get Through Hard Times

    On Friday, January 18 th, 2013
    It’s what I sang over dishes. Sang on the days when I felt too weary to take another step, clean up another mess, change another diaper. Keep singing when I need to keep going on. It’s what I sing when the enemy attacks with lies, when I feel alone and scared, when I fear the
  • Why the Chicken Really Crossed the Road… And Other Important Things {Crazy Joy: 11}

    On Thursday, October 11 th, 2012
    On the day that the chickens just up and crossed the road without their motives being questioned at all, the whole crazy grace of everything just stretched, down the backroads and sideroads and gravel roads, and really, the joy is in the journey because the moments build the destination. Leaves fell soundless. A team of clydesdales hauled the
  • How to Pick a Better Future

    On Monday, August 06 th, 2012
      A ugust meets the morning dressed in light and perfumed in fresh cut hay and wreaths of daisies, all the petals absolutely positive that He loves.   So she lined the sill with vases and filled them with the certainty and a better future always begins  in a series of thankful nows. {It’s a
  • When You need Rest …. {Fridays on the Farm}

    On Friday, June 08 th, 2012
    When it grows loud in the corners of everything and the walls of the soul quake just a bit, I go and sit in the soil where the corn grows by His certain goodness and right out of the earth. Where the children run in their bare feet and bend to know leaves. I come
  • when seeking simple, peaceful days …

    On Tuesday, June 05 th, 2012
    No one receives the peace of God without giving thanks to God. Thankfulness is the deep, contented breath of Peacefulness.   “I tread no path in life to Him unknown, I lift no burden, bear no pain, alone;   My soul a calm, sure hiding place has found: The everlasting arms my life surround.”  
  • When the World gets Loud & Divisive

    On Tuesday, May 22 nd, 2012
    Standing out there in the garden, all the spinach leaves offered up like bunches of bouquets there at her feet, she listened for the quiet. The corn grew in straight rows. The apple blossoms made promises. The irises unfolded bold hope. Roots would wait for rain. Seeds would be faithful to soil. The weary would
  • The Purpose of Pain: When Life Hurts

    On Tuesday, May 15 th, 2012
    She stood under all that blue sky and watched the windmill spin round and was it the all the world turning that she could feel? How it spun and hurt and unfurled. Dandelions unfolded at her feet — suns, risings everywhere. The rooster turned. Laundry slapped on the line. Something in her, the hurting places,
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