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Restoring Wonder

  • The Easy Plan Before Summer Ends . . . . . . {14 Things to do in the last 2 weeks}

    On Friday, August 17 th, 2012
    Two weeks left. Two weeks of sweet corn and swimming suits and bare toes and zinnia bouquets and light like this in their hair and all the days are adding up to make years And before the sun even comes up, the clock ticking so loud in my ears, there’s this rolling over toward the
  • Why You Really May Need to be Done with Safe: Being a Dangerous Disciple of the Unsafe God

    On Thursday, June 07 th, 2012
    My Gran, she’s taking slow walks outside the hospital now. Her heart’s growing stronger, beating certain. I wash down the cupboards in the kitchen. I pray for Gran’s heart attack recovery, for each step she keeps taking, ninety-one and frail-boned and Irish-determined. Life’s a risk and maybe she’s stronger than I am, accepting each heart beat,
  • How to Be a Great Thinker

    On Monday, January 30 th, 2012
    When the rope pulls tight, Levi holds on  — and it looks like happy wonder might right split him. The kid, he’s all snow-caked — all celebration. He’s making me grin: Life could be like that — the falling down part of the celebrating of the fully living. He’s making me the child —  the
  • Why You Need to Go Look at the Stars Tonight {and become One of the Wise Men}

    On Tuesday, December 20 th, 2011
    It’s after midnight. And he’s driving down the middle of an empty country road when he just flicks the headlights right off and the black isn’t black after all. “Look at it!” I whisper it out the passenger window. The bowl of milky moon’s spilling over snow sleeping fields. “You could drive the whole way
  • why it’s worth loving life

    On Friday, December 09 th, 2011
    All that we see around us all the time — this is what we risk never really seeing at all. I think it was Monday that she brought the the last of this melting snow right into the kitchen. Right into the kitchen, in this packed ball with a few blades of grass that cut
  • what farm boys do for fun

    On Thursday, July 21 st, 2011
    So they read about it in a book, the way it begins most times around here. They ask me to take them to the country hardware store more than a few times. They come out with smiles and supplies and free lollipops and I come home full of the dreams of these days. There is
  • When it’s Time to Turn… {April Nature Calendar}

    On Tuesday, April 05 th, 2011
    Even from right there at the kitchen window, it’s like you can see it. ::   How He’s doing it again, just like a promise, His, Doing it again, a promise kept, and I never have to worry, and it’s almost a witnessing over pots and suds, How His hand turns the whole world, everything
  • How to Worship Right Where You Are

    On Thursday, March 17 th, 2011
    Just quiet days here of being and loving and giving and making and walking …. walking slow enough to know the deep joy of really seeking and seeing. :: ::   Worship is a way of seeing the world in the light of God. ~Abraham Joshua Heschel :: :: :: You, God, are my God,
  • Learning Days {Simply Homeschooling}

    On Friday, February 04 th, 2011
    Note to Self — What to Keep Working on Here: 4 Cornerstones of Simple Homeschooling: 1. A Continuum of Constant Learning…. Live your life. Invite children to join in! Education is a continuum of everyday life. Read together.  Pray together. Sing together. Work, bake, garden, chore, clean, sew, fix, build together. No artificial demarcation lines
  • A Brief Guide to Making Today a Great Day

    On Tuesday, August 31 st, 2010
    Every day’s made a great day when we seize whatever the moment brings. When we cling to Grace and just laugh when things get tospy turvsy, when we find someone to share the ride and the adventure and the prayers, when the beauty of our journey is our destination. These are the moments made into
  • when you ache with an ordinary life

    On Monday, August 30 th, 2010
    No, I hadn’t ever heard that song before, never in church and we haven’t had a radio in more than a decade, but I sang it anyways, the words coming from deep down in that part of you that has no words, only pure feelings. I sang that song with the rest of the congregation,
  • weekends are for clarity

    On Saturday, August 07 th, 2010
    On one sweet pea leaf in the garden at twilight, hanging by a tendril or two, a moment curved itself into a glassy mirror and reflected the shimmer of us. I almost missed it. May your wanderings this weekend simply pause… to catch a reflection of the brief wonder of now. …. that brings clarity.
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