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  • The Christmas Tree that Blew Our Minds… & Hearts

    On Thursday, December 26 th, 2013

    I haven’t the faintest clue who noticed it first. Maybe it was Levi, when he got clocked in the side of the head by one of the limbs when he was just trying to get to his seat at the table. “Um…. why is this tree growing out?” He’s rubbing his head like he’s trying to start a fire, like he’s searching for an epiphany that won’t blow out. (November ...

  • When You’re Done with Pundits, Soul Wrestling & Looking at the Sky: {25 Things I learned from staying with Katie Davis}

    On Tuesday, July 02 nd, 2013

    So there was this girl named Katie and she laughed loud and like an angel when someone said she was like Mother Teresa. Threw back her head and laughed loud into the sky. It’s strange how this can move in you, a laughter like this , and how hands can embody love. Katie was 18 when she flew to Uganda. She took Jesus at His Word: Real life is lived on your knees. I was a w...

  • How to Be Beautiful & Have a Beautiful Home & Life

    On Friday, June 28 th, 2013

    Idon’t know how to say anything after Africa’s red earth has burned into the soles of your feet, except to try to say it hot. All these words are a drum that make feet hardly even tap. But what if you could find a beat that made fireballs fall and hearts catch flame and we flung everything again into the arms of our First Love? What if that? The Esther Generation, we want ...

  • The Research that Proves You Can Change the World

    On Saturday, June 22 nd, 2013

    From the Front Cover article of Christianity Today this month, June 2013 The academic research that proves with data that child sponsorship works. Compassion was the only child sponsorship program that willingly agreed to having their long-term effectiveness studied — and here are the results from Dr. Bruce Wydick, professor of economics at the University of San Francisco...

  • A Letter to the North American Church: Because it is Time

    On Thursday, June 20 th, 2013

    Dear North American Church, After a Sunday morning in Africa, you don’t look the same to me. You look hungry. Hungrier than anything I’ve seen in Africa. Because after I watched that Ugandan woman? That one woman with no shoes and no husband and 7 kids, walk up to the front of the church and put this bag of beans into the basket as her love offering to God – my heart ...

  • Why You Are Where You Are: For Such a Time as Now

    On Tuesday, June 18 th, 2013

    It’s like the skin of this place is red. Everywhere, red soil sheathes things, like hardly under the surface of Africa’s dirt is her heart. Like you could scratch your toe here and feel the pulse of what’s alive. Everywhere here is a thin place. We drive red roads to meet Anna. We pass bicycles grunting under water jugs, bags stretched taut with cassava. I lean out a...

  • An Internet Love Story {Part 1} : How to Live Free

    On Monday, June 17 th, 2013

    This is a love story. A woman named Shannon lived in a suburb in Oklahoma and she had Rocks in her Dryer. The year was 2008. On a farm in Canada, I had a lot of lost marbles. And a clinging 3-year-old, very bad hair, 4 farmboys who only got out of ripped jeans on Sunday, and 1 dimpled tomboy who kept sweetly chopping her own bangs all by her herself. I read Shannon at Rocks in ...

  • With Hearts in our throats — and In His Hands

    On Saturday, June 15 th, 2013

    #FarmGirlsinAfrica have landed. And traveled and traveled and traveled. Including a small 12 seater plane, to northern parts of Uganda. Today is our first day on the ground — hearts in our throats — and In His hands. Love is always our only hope. And hasn’t that always been the answer to every question in life? Not to only know of God’s love, not to only be...

  • Wanna Come with Us to Africa? #FarmGirlsinAfrica

    On Wednesday, June 12 th, 2013

    Two farm girls — one mama and her girl. Asked to go to Africa for a Compassion Canada film trip. To meet one special little girl. And a girl named Katie who is changing the world with one big heart. Knocking knees. Stomach Knot. Leap of faith. Everlasting Arms underneath. What’s your Mark? Every Moment Counts — Right Where You Are. Pour yourself ou...

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