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  • [Help a Hick Out? Or: How To Encourage a Bunch of Introverts]

    On Tuesday, May 27 th, 2014
      So, The Introverted are the people who live in the constant tension between the desire to communicate… and the desire to hide. And um, yeah — that would be this hick. But the God story of searching for joy right where you are, and discovering how joy is always a function of gratitude and gratitude is
  • Why Your Soul Needs You to Make Time to be Creative:
    7 Keys to Being More Creative

    On Thursday, May 01 st, 2014
    Malakai and his paints sprawl across the table like a bit of the sky run all down. These thousand colors in rain. That’s the way Malakai paints, dabbing in the underbelly of the darks, lining the greys with white light. He pulls this rainbow of colors back tight and he shoots for stars, right there
  • When You’re Tired of Being Torn: Why He Came [ Holy Week: Good Friday ]

    On Friday, April 18 th, 2014
    Our Pastor calls to ask if I’d do one of a few dramatic monologues for Good Friday service— a moment through the eyes of the mother of Jesus? So I write down words… and imagine the mother of our Lord… fingering the bloody tunic of her Son. Son…. Son of God… Son of mine… God.
  • This Is Us: The #EstherGeneration [a spoken word poem]

    On Thursday, March 20 th, 2014
    {Consider turning off music by clicking the speaker bar near the bottom of  the left margin?} So. The wondrous Amena Brown Owen and this farm hick braided our voices together and felt the Holy Spirit at the IF:Gathering in Austin last month… A spoken word poem: This is Us: The #EstherGeneration. (RSS readers, tune into the word poem
  • Dear Kids: What You Need to Know About Duck Dynasty, Justine Sacco, and Christmas

    On Saturday, December 21 st, 2013
    Dear Kids, Saw one of you boys sitting here in a messy house last night, reading a book by the light of the Christmas tree. Reading words. My heart about burst.  A guy I know often mails books. And every time the postal clerk asks him the obligatory question about if there’s anything hazardous or
  • What To Do When You Have No Idea How Get Ready In Time for Christmas

    On Friday, December 20 th, 2013
    It’s on the day I forget to buy toilet cleaner in town. The day the man at the gas pumps says it’s just around the corner, what they’re forecasting will be a green Christmas and he looks up and asks, “So… are you ready yet for Christmas?” And I choose to smile — okay, so it
  • The Greatest Christmas Giveaway Ever
    {Free Printable}

    On Thursday, December 19 th, 2013
    The kids have Adore Him playing and they’re singing along and off key. And the house wafts of sugar cookies and anticipation and names of neighbors to bless! “You done drawing now, Mama?” Kai’s leaning hard over my shoulder. “Can we just call it done?” And I’m thinking so, and we cut out this little
  • Advent Devotionals. Week 03. Joy. [Video]

    On Sunday, December 15 th, 2013
    {Consider turning off music by clicking the speaker bar near the bottom of  the left margin?} Disclaimer: This ain’t all together or professional slick or anything… Just a simple, homemade video, taped this week by Hope, because God just keeps pressing it hard on our hearts to make a space for folks who may not
  • Only Good Stuff: Sharing Links that Bring Joy

    On Saturday, December 14 th, 2013
    Let’s pour a cup together, breathe deep, and just exhale ? This week’s Advent Candle has been Peace. Don’t miss this one: No more beautiful words than these Ephesians 2:14 quietly calms: “For He is our peace…” A man was caught on camera stealing from a tip jar…. Instead of pressing charges or even filing
  • When Christmas Stretches You

    On Friday, December 13 th, 2013
    A ll day long, I pray to be a womb for God. On the way to town in the morning, I whisper it to Father, “Come dwell in me, Lord. Come dwell in me.” When we come home from errands and appointments, to crusty bowls still on the table and the entrails of scarves and
  • How to Get the Greatest Gift [*Updated AGAIN]

    On Tuesday, December 03 rd, 2013
    Just over 3 years ago? My friend Kristen Welch went to Africa with Compassion. We were invited to go together. But I couldn’t. Later, I went to Guatemala (more on that soon)… but part of my heart went with Kristen to Kenya and stayed with her there as she founded Mercy House Kenya, a maternity
  • Webcast Christmas at the Farm is Live at 12 EST! {and where to find the replay}

    On Thursday, November 21 st, 2013
      CLICK HERE  to jump into the Webcast Premiere of Christmas at the Farm And we’ll talk How to have a Simplified, Sane — and Sacred — Christmas? (with a free printable download and frameable art) 12 Noon Today, November 21st, tune in for the web premiere and the live chat with Liz Curtis Higgs and I?
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