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  • How to Keep Going When Storms Keep Coming that Might Rend You in Two

    On Wednesday, June 11 th, 2014
    So a storm can slam up the willing side of you and you can think the reverberations might kill you. Sure, somebody usually goes ahead and names the hurricanes. They christen those spinning monsters with their one steady eye swirling out storm. Katrina and Sandy, Irene and Audrey. But there are weary women who can’t
  • What Our Boys Need in This Economy Their Dads Work In

    On Monday, June 09 th, 2014
    Dear Future Men of ours: The flyers are all coming through here this week, everybody looking for something to buy for Father’s Day. I see you four boys flipping through the glossy ads about Dads. I see you four sons of ours trying to figure out how to be men, about how to live in
  • When You Feel like You Don’t Really Belong

    On Monday, June 02 nd, 2014
    which is sort of how I’ve awkwardly been feeling: Someone has to be that Mother. That mother who drives a full 3 hours to the border with a packed mini-van and anxious kids and creeps through a 20 minute traffic backup under the hot, beating sun— only to rifle through her wallet and look up
  • How to Keep Hoping for Things that Seem Impossible

    On Wednesday, May 28 th, 2014
    So if you turned right after Clappison’s Corner and drove real slow around the potholes, you might see it. Sneeze or blink, and yeah, you might not — but it’s there on the top of a mossy stake, pointing the way you gotta take, either way: Hope. No way you want to know where all
  • [Help a Hick Out? Or: How To Encourage a Bunch of Introverts]

    On Tuesday, May 27 th, 2014
      So, The Introverted are the people who live in the constant tension between the desire to communicate… and the desire to hide. And um, yeah — that would be this hick. But the God story of searching for joy right where you are, and discovering how joy is always a function of gratitude and gratitude is
  • As Summer Begins: The Truth No One Tells You About ‘Having it All’

    On Monday, May 26 th, 2014
    I t was after the waves.   After the waves of contractions, after the waves of blow out diapers and wet nursing pads that leaked through the let downs and the damp spit blankets that piled high at the bedroom door. Long after the waves of colic at 3 am and the 4:30 am crying,
  • When it Feels like Everyone is Bigger, Better, Smarter
    [or 'How to be a Star']

    On Monday, May 12 th, 2014
    When the fog meandered in lost on a spring evening in May, she hung her apron up in the back mudroom. She wandered down the back lane too. Down in the woods, she could hear them, the frogs singing, an invisible symphony. She knotted the one side of her skirt up to step over a
  • To all The Giving Mothers: So God Made A Mother

    On Friday, May 09 th, 2014
    So, sure, there was this talk of The Giving Tree – but there wasn’t one of us who didn’t know all along it was you, The Giving Mother. You who leaned over a stove and stirred. And let spices fall like leaves and you ladled and we slurped and it would be remembered when we
  • Why Mother’s Day Is Really Just For the Birds

    On Thursday, May 08 th, 2014
    Because I ain’t no Hallmark mother – and none of us are, if we’re really truth-telling here. If we’re honest– and what else is there really — there were burnt dinners and yelling mornings. And neck strained words over lost shoes and scattered Legos and unfinished homework and there were crumpled tears behind bathroom doors.
  • Why Your Soul Needs You to Make Time to be Creative:
    7 Keys to Being More Creative

    On Thursday, May 01 st, 2014
    Malakai and his paints sprawl across the table like a bit of the sky run all down. These thousand colors in rain. That’s the way Malakai paints, dabbing in the underbelly of the darks, lining the greys with white light. He pulls this rainbow of colors back tight and he shoots for stars, right there
  • When You Need Mother’s Day Gift that’s Honest, Powerful & Healing [Free Printable]

    On Monday, April 28 th, 2014
    She keeps it by her Bible. Clay shaped by hands, a pottery jar, there on the kitchen table, always there by her Bible, both open for the taking. I don’t ask her about it. At the end of a phone call, late spring, leaves unfurling, Mama brings it up. “Ann… the jar.” I pause at
  • Unlock Your Marriage? The Daily Vow of a 10 Second Kiss for Wedded Bliss
    [The Conscious Coupling Series]

    On Wednesday, April 23 rd, 2014
    So when you come to me and tell me that one of the kid locked the keys in your truck — again — I see how your shoulders sag. How life wears at a man, weighs at a man. We do that, you and I. We let the bulk of the details of a life
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