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  • Only The Good & Pure Stuff:
    Links to Share the Encouraging

    On Saturday, November 02 nd, 2013

    What began as a simple row of tractors as a tribute to a young farmer…. Dare you to no tears at this story? Love to read books? Just a bit of crazy inspiration for every bookworm out there. This professional football player and his wife — and how their brokenness…. led to wholeness. Might this be the world’s most romantic proposal? Fillin...

  • IF: You are Hungry for Something More

    On Monday, October 14 th, 2013

    Sometimes you wanna go where no one knows your name or cares about names — but they know the contours of your soul. Somewhere where no one cares who anyone’s name is, or what letters they have behind it or if it’s been in big lights. But they care where you’ve been and where you’re going and how you are becoming your real name, who you really are, ...

  • Only the Good Stuff: Sharing Links that Feed the Soul

    On Saturday, September 21 st, 2013

    … fav follow on instagram: @saraparsons 3 Things I Wish I knew Before We Got Married How A Man Finds His Calling at 80 The Whole Earth is Full of His Glory: {Consider turning off music by clicking the speaker icon in the bottom corner of the left margin?} Man Gives Away His Home to a Family in Need Beauty in the Becoming: … back by overwhelming requ...

  • Top 10

    On Monday, September 02 nd, 2013

    … just some of the Top 10 from this summer…   {… just quietly savoring the grace of this long weekend friends… — and Lord willing, back tomorrow with a week that includes a tour of our family Learning Room, first day back to school for all of us, and the unbelievable milestone of packing up our oldest for university… … oh,...

  • #HappySecretComing… Tomorrow (!!!)

    On Thursday, August 29 th, 2013

    The package you’re called to unpack everyday is who you really are — your real calling. So unwrap your real story — because if you deny your story, you deny not only yourself…  but you deny the very Author Who is writing your redemptive epic.   #UnwrappingFriday #HappySecretComing . . . . Tomorrow (!!) #StayTuned #!!!Coming!  

  • How to have the best Birthday, the Best Today, the Best Any Day… *Updated with Printable of List

    On Wednesday, August 14 th, 2013

    So, yeah, first, you may start out slightly depressed. Or a lot. Like the dark’s got you in a chokehold. Like there’s some black numbness hardening up on the inside of you and you couldn’t care a rat’s bony hind leg if the sun ever shows its face again or if you eat again, carbs, chocolates, or otherwise. You can be having breakfast and feel like somethi...

  • Because We’re All the Real Giving Tree: Be the G.I.F.T. {*Updated Below!}

    On Monday, August 12 th, 2013

    My dad chuckled when he told us kids that he was conceived under an apple tree out behind the barn up on the old DeJong place. There’s something about the thining, dim edges of a story like that, well, a kid can’t forget. I never dared ask my Grandma Ruth about the truth of the claim either, her and I being polite women and all. Yet when the Farmer and I got married and ...

  • 7 Links: Read Only if You Want to Live the Best Life

    On Saturday, August 10 th, 2013

    so…  as I’m about to turn a milestone birthday marker… thinking a lot about how to really live and how the wrinkles should wring this beautiful gift right out... from Joy Prouty : one of my favorite instagram follows who inspires me to really live for Him {and I’d love to connect with you on instagram?} A Love Story from Craiglist : Please be Brave...

  • Good Links: Sharing the Happy, Good & Wonderful

    On Friday, July 26 th, 2013

    from our instagram feed this week and where we are right now, out in the fields: Let the harvest begin. In every way possible. #TheFarmerAndHisWife I read it aloud at the dinner table… which was the starting point of a very profound conversation. Absolute Must-Read. If you only read one thing on the internet this week…. make it this. How our choices can in...

  • The Amazing Power of Patriotism

    On Thursday, July 04 th, 2013

    It was when she leaned back to watch the fireworks. When the kids, full of strawberries and ice cream, sprawl about her in the grass, waiting in the thickening dusk, waiting in the sea of blankets spread out and tilted lawn chairs and balding men with bare hearts sit near the white crowned women whose lives had birthed glory. It’s when her husban...

  • How to feel at home in your house and your skin

    On Wednesday, June 05 th, 2013

    I’ve slept on this woman‘s couch. Tickled her boys, prayed hard with her at 2 am, served rice with her to a line of kids who live in the Guatemala City Dump. This woman does the most important thing well: she loves. Jesus and women and mamas and dreamers and future men and babies and all of us in between. Former human rights lawyer working against human trafficking ...

  • 25 Things Every New, Middle & Graduating Parent and their Grad Needs to Know

    On Friday, May 17 th, 2013

    Look… you get what we all get — a lifetime. Just you or none of us ever get to know how long that will turn out to be. So get to it. Because you woke up 18 this week. You sat at the end of the table after barn chores, grinning like you were just getting stretched up for the starting blocks and the race of your life — and somewhere inside I felt this crossing o...

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