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  • On Tuesday, November 30 th, 2004

    Every second counts…my choice to smile and enjoy every single one!

  • My 86, 400 Landfall!

    On Tuesday, November 30 th, 2004

    Did you get the news? Today 86, 400 of the most precious commodity has been deposited into my stewardship. Sorta like winning the lottery!!! Actually, I am given this gift every day. 86, 400 seconds are mine every single time the sun rises on this orbitting ball. And by the time that sun sinks, those 86, 400 seconds either have been invested to grow exponentially for eternity&#...

  • On Saturday, November 27 th, 2004

    Conducting God’s grace……..

  • Livin’ in a Trillion Watts of GRACE

    On Saturday, November 27 th, 2004

    No man is complete unless he is conducting grace, like electricity, between God and another person. ~John Piper I am simply a Mama. A conduit. A channel. From the Maker to His children. For the current of Grace. Grace is shocking. So unexpected. So undeserved. So unnatural. Supernatural. Grace goes against my grain. I come from the line of the ancient Babyonian Hammur...

  • On Tuesday, November 23 rd, 2004

    Being the Wind gets no results….warm Sunshine of encouragement really brings on growth and JOY!

  • One Encouraging word set off a whole CHORUS of worthy acts!

    On Tuesday, November 23 rd, 2004

    The hurricane of nausea is still at a force 4, but I am at the top of this ship’s mast, hollering for all I am worth, “GOOD FOR YOU!!!” And the crew is responding, digging in, and giving all they are worth! Hope is still tempted to just hammer the keys during music practice time but instead of me blasting her, I listen hard for some semblance of a song and hol...

  • On Saturday, November 20 th, 2004

    Thank, Lord—I need that…and I need to be that for our children….

  • Three simple words….

    On Saturday, November 20 th, 2004

    I have been sick for a bit now. About 27 days now, to be exact…..but who’s keeping track? (O.K., so I have been checking the days off the calendar, I confess.) But it is not a sickness onto death. Rather onto life. About 30 weeks from now—a whole new life. So this is really a good thing. It’s just that about 11 am every day when I am the same shade of gr...

  • On Tuesday, October 26 th, 2004

    Packages of Time….boxes to unwrap and offer thanks….

  • On Tuesday, October 26 th, 2004

    Today the mailbox bulged. I balanced the boxes under my chin as I crossed the dew-studded lawn this morning in the autumn fog. The first package yielded a used CD-rom kit of Artes Latinae….the boys scrambled to grab various books, to finger pages, to hope for knowledge. The next box yielded a loving packed box from an email friend with sample pages from a week of Tapestry...

  • On Friday, October 22 nd, 2004

    “When I consider…the work of Your fingers…” Ps 8:3

  • We DID it! A nature walk! And I’ve got the burrrrs to prove it!

    On Friday, October 22 nd, 2004

    The heavens DECLARE The glory of God… So let’s get OUT THERE!!!! That little cheer has been ringing in my head for days, and today we finally got out the door, the whole beraggled crew of us. Leaving behind unfinished Latin review, we escaped outside to clap with the trees of the field! Two hands gripping our heavy-duty garden cart, with Kai, Levi and a basket o...

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