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  • On Thursday, February 10 th, 2005
    He heard the pleas of a pregnant Mama who sorta felt like she was drowning in it all….
  • Co-parenting with God….

    On Thursday, February 10 th, 2005
    Today Darryl (dh) sat down for lunch today and shook his head. “Sows that are nearly due [to give birth] just don’t think normal.” He was referring to how he had to cajole, convince and bribe some very pregnant, very scared Mama Sows to new dwelling quarters. But as his rather pregnant wife, it was
  • On Tuesday, February 08 th, 2005
    The never-ending prayer……not just before our farm meals….
  • A Man of Few Words

    On Tuesday, February 08 th, 2005
    Our Kai ain’t talking much. A man of few words he is. At 29 months, he stands as the strong, silent type. Great blue eyes, though. He’s got one line down very well. It’s our favorite (well, we don’t have lots of options, do we? ~smile~) The older 4 children all beg him to belt
  • On Saturday, February 05 th, 2005
    Offering up a few fishes for the feast of the spirit….
  • The Well-Moving Spirit

    On Saturday, February 05 th, 2005
    “Education is a matter of the spirit” -Lord Haldane Not a matter of the mind alone. Not a matter of facts grinding through twisting grey tissue. Not a matter of scopes and sequences. Education is a moving, stirring, a wrestling. An awakening of the spirit. It is a rustling, an unfurling from deep within. I
  • On Tuesday, February 01 st, 2005
    No longer throwing crumbs to the dogs…..
  • May the Children Eat first……

    On Monday, January 31 st, 2005
    The mill runs every day in our house. Grinding kernels early in the dawn for steamy bowls of cream of wheat. And twice weekly it runs, so like the little Red Hen, I can grind the wheat and make the bread for all of the hungry little tummies that make their home here. I line
  • It took awhile…..but I found “IT”

    On Tuesday, January 25 th, 2005
    So what is wrong with me? What do I keep looking for? I have so much right in this moment……. 5 children… blessings runneth over. Soft cheeks to kiss, warm little hands to pat my back, streams of jokes, funny little songs lilted over sketches, inventions readied for patents daily. Adoring Husband….one in a million.
  • On Friday, January 21 st, 2005
    “When I remember these things, I pour out my soul within me….” Ps 42:4
  • Blogging — Soul Glimpses

    On Friday, January 21 st, 2005
    “Books change people’s lives. Blogs change people’s moments.” ~R.C. Sproul (for the rest of this article on Mr. Sproul’s mental meanderings on blogging, see: ) I have been ruminating on R.C. Sproul’s thought. And these are mine: Books are words. So are blogs. Lives are nothing more than streams of moments. And those moments
  • On Wednesday, January 19 th, 2005
    “The whole earth is at rest and is quiet…” ~Isaiah 14:7
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