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  • When You’re tired of the nothingness…

    On Wednesday, August 05 th, 2009
    I lie on grass under maple skirts. He laughs and sun catches in his iris and something inside of me combusts. A child swings over us into blue. And I press myself into the earth’s crust and ask: Why isn’t there just nothing? Why is there something at all? The orb spins and my lungs
  • The Word that Woos

    On Wednesday, July 29 th, 2009
    The lips that resuscitate linger, a kiss that heals the blue and gasping, and I know it again on a Saturday. “Could you hurry up and dry already?” Son rinses off enamel bowl, slams it into sink. “We’re going to be late!” “We’re not supposed to yell, so why don’t you stop that already?” Younger
  • Next Week: Mats & Soul-encouragement….

    On Saturday, July 25 th, 2009
    Shall we try? It’s new, I know, and I’m rather partial to old ways, myself. To the places I find quiet. I hope this place is that, always. I endeavor to make it so… quiet and reflective because that reflects my heart and how He shaped my inner frame. And too, the soul-encouragement of community
  • How to Read the Bible: Eat This Book

    On Wednesday, July 22 nd, 2009
    Pass the carrots, please.” “May I please have the butter?” “Is there another slice of bread?” We eat. Three times a day. Mostly out at the old table on the front porch these days, ringing it with the passing of the butter, the bread, the water pitcher. The swallows swoop and line the telephone lines
  • The Art of Scripture Reading: Why Read the Bible?

    On Wednesday, July 15 th, 2009
    Early I find it, filigree in the fog, night threads beaded with heaven’s breath. I bend low, patron hushed in the gallery. Photo credit My feet are wet, bare and hallowed, and I hear music. Sequined web sings pearled notes slipped on rising scale and for a moment, a day, an eternity, morning’s world shimmers,
  • Journaling: Being Soul Brave

    On Wednesday, July 08 th, 2009
    So we carry about pen and paper and collect bits of our lives, clippings and cuttings, rubbings and wrappings, and lay it down between leaves, a pressing out of our lives. We may shun photograph pixels tracing a sag here, a saunch there, disdain video recordings of our pitch and a bit of a paunch,
  • Journaling as Spiritual Discipline: Being Real with Jesus

    On Wednesday, June 03 rd, 2009
    You share and I learn. My humble, heartfelt thanks…A note from wise Judy in Texas… I spend time journaling as part of my weekly Sabbath time alone with Jesus, and one way I connect to Him and to myself is to journal in the following way which Ruth Haley Barton suggests in her book, Strengthening
  • Journaling as a Spiritual Discipline: Light Catchers

    On Wednesday, May 27 th, 2009
    (After I spoke in Colorado Springs about journaling as a spiritual discipline, several reading friends asked if I might post a bit more about journaling? I won’t tire anyone with revisiting that talk, but over the next couple of Wednesdays, I’ll post bits and pieces of what I’m currently thinking about as I journal as
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