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  • weekends are for stillness

    On Saturday, May 22 nd, 2010
    May all your wanderings this weekend, kind friends, find sills of stillness. Places you might hear. All’s grace, Photos: one of Hope’s flowers in a windowsill Share your thoughts? If you would like Holy Experience posts quietly tucked into your reader or emailed to your inbox for free…
  • weekends are for wash

    On Saturday, May 15 th, 2010
    When I open the washing machine door after the blur-spin, they clink clatter to the floor, the one errant nail, a lost dime, so clean, three pieces of lego, yellow and stacked, a matchbox car. I collect — and it’s my brother who always says that, shrugging shoulders, acquiesced and surrendered. “It all comes out
  • weekends are for believing there is a Way

    On Saturday, April 24 th, 2010
    I feel along walls, looking for openings, gold windows in stone, patches of light in need of no mending, stitching me up in hope. M ay all your wanderings this weekend, kind friends, lead you in The Way through, and out towards the Light on the other side. All’s grace, Photos: Subiaco trails Share your
  • weekends are for the mess

    On Saturday, April 10 th, 2010
    And I’m in our bedroom stacking The Farmer’s freshly laundered denims when I hear the back door slam shut. Malakai’s in. And I hear his still-outside voice holler loud at Shalom over the brrr whirl of the pop-pop-pop-popcorn maker, “Popcorn? Did Mom really say you could make popcorn, Shalom?” And I hear it too when
  • weekends are for waiting for new life

    On Saturday, April 03 rd, 2010
    During the Long Saturday wait between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, we line the terracotta pots and we make New Life cakes. Lining each pot with parchment, wepour in our favorite chocolate cake batter, and we bake batter in wee pots at 350, and when our soil cakes cool, we ice each flowerpot dessert with
  • weekends are for good reads

    On Saturday, March 27 th, 2010
    When he offered to read her book to her, and her girl-pink littleness curled up next to all his big brother, near-man bigness, the most beautiful mama thing inside me broke and I saw all the years as gold. <a href=””> Widgets</a> (Click on Any of the Book Covers for more information, reviews, etc.)  
  • weekends are for coming back

    On Saturday, March 20 th, 2010
    I know they’ve always said it, that once you’re gone, you’re gone, that once you’ve turned the corner, you can’t make u-turns, That you can never go home again. But I’ve seen it, the stairs swept clean, the front door unlocked, the curtain pulled back, and the Father on the front porch, the neck strained
  • weekends are for sitting a spell

    On Saturday, March 13 th, 2010
    I n old light, on old wood, to sit with old friends holding moments before they melt away …. a memory. M ay all your wanderings this weekend, kind friends, be slow wanderings, with time to sit and visit and laugh and be… awake to love and now and the beautiful people He’s made for
  • weekends are for lingering

    On Saturday, March 06 th, 2010
    May all your wanderings this weekend cause you to slow …and breathe deep….of these moments that make up a life. All’s grace,Molly Ann’s sister, for Ann Photos: lingering at Molly’sShare your thoughts?If you would like Holy Experience posts quietly tucked into your reader or your inbox for free…
  • weekends are for growth

    On Saturday, January 30 th, 2010
    Wise words tucked in my inbox… I am so grateful for this community, the gift of friendship, the way we share with one another — my humble thanks. I never get over the wonder of you! ‘Fear is like pain. Pain is given as an indicator that something is going on. Pain says, “Hey, pay
  • weekends are for holding the fragile

    On Saturday, January 23 rd, 2010
    F or holding the lonely ones, the tender dreams, the waiting hands, the whispered hopes… M ay all you wanderings this weekend, kind friends, cup the fragile for He does not “brush aside the bruised and the hurt and he won’t disregard the small and insignificant.” (Isa. 42:3 MSG)) All’s grace, Photos: fragile moments here
  • weekends are for clinging

    On Saturday, January 09 th, 2010
    To all that stands strong in winds, sure lines in storms, to Grace and Love and the Wood grooved through with the blood that ran down making us white. May you cling this weekend, kind friends, to all that is good and right, selfless and joy-filled, Christ and eternal. All’s grace, Photos: crystal clear morning
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