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  • When You’re Praying for Boston

    On Monday, April 15 th, 2013


  • Letters to the Wounded {#1}

    On Friday, March 08 th, 2013

    And after sharing Letters to the Wound {#2} this week? …. I went back in the archives and pulled out Letters to the Wounded {#1}. D ear Wounded, You were bleeding quiet in my inbox. I read your letter slow, line by line, the way one follows the trail of smearing salty red back to find the gash, to the place where the skin weeps blood. I read your words, the ones about do...

  • Letters to the Wounded {#2}

    On Monday, March 04 th, 2013

    Dear Thriver, You didn’t just survive, so let’s toss that myth right at the outset. I’ve seen you living chin brave through the hurt and how you keep taking one step out of bed and one through the door and how you scale mountains by relentlessly taking steps forward. The way you keep walking? You’re no victim. You’re a Thriver. You may bleed but yo...

  • 3 Things to Hold on to When Life Hurts {Cherry Blossoms in Rain}

    On Wednesday, April 25 th, 2012

    S he learned it haltingly in early spring, when the rain fell. When the edge of Japan washed away. When the sky slid down all the window panes. And a Sunday in spring, when a tornado sky rips up the earth, leaving this fury of questions, she plays on, the same song. Now surer, steadier. I stand at the windowsill. It still rains. The tomatoes plants try to stand in west winds, ...

  • What Your Scars Can Really Be …

    On Monday, April 23 rd, 2012

    In the kitchen, after supper, while we stack the plates, she pulls up her sleeve to shows me her scars. “Did you see this one here on my arm?” When she bends, a tendril falls across her face, and her finger traces this whorl and I can see how the skin pulls, how pain is embroidered right into her. She is six and she is marked. And there is still so much road ahead. ...

  • regardless of the temperature of your heart…

    On Wednesday, August 17 th, 2011

    …so slipping in here late, the internet blinking out on the farm since last weekend… and today all went still as the service provider replaced internet equipment out on the tower… and way out here in the country, we really try not to take that little internet signal for granted ~smile~ All is Grace… so just snippets of thoughts I’m thinking about t...

  • How Hurting Women Can Help Each other Heal…

    On Tuesday, April 26 th, 2011

    At the gate, flying to Portland today, to speak at the Q conference (oh, if He leads, if you’d  lend this girl holding on to Jesus’ hand a few prayers, I’d be mighty grateful!) … and I’m sitting here remembering these words, and giving thanks for  friends like you:  my beautiful mama loving me deep & loving on our kids while I quietly share ...

  • Why We Can Trust God with our Prayers

    On Thursday, January 13 th, 2011

    She was born under breath prayers on a Friday and under blankets on a Wednesday the breaths all left her and she turned blue, the color of heaven. Her mama held her high and cried to the heights and YHWH whispered breathe…. In a pediatric critical care unit on a Thursday, the doctors treat our bundle of pink for meningitis, waiting on cultures for Group B strep. Her ma...

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