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Year of Yes

  • The Only Place to Really Live

    On Wednesday, December 29 th, 2010

    I name years like I’ve named babies because each one births a different life that needs to be raised up and remembered. The oldest of those six babies we birthed in ten years, he was twelve when I named the first year, and that was the Year of Eucharisteo, that Greek word that the girl with the Dutch name needed to learn. I had to bang it out, late at night, a whole ream of l...

  • The Only Way to Become the Bride of Christ

    On Monday, November 01 st, 2010

    We become the bride of God whenever we say yes to this moment. This is the fall of three weddings. The first, we sit in the woods under leaves and a sky that falls, all water, to witness a girl made princess says yes to her knight come riding. The bride and the groom, they enact a love story on the hillside, a parable of a Prince who loved a heart enslaved, of the coming Brideg...

  • when feeling nervous: what’s really behind the fears

    On Thursday, September 30 th, 2010

    (because I’m traveling right now… and trying to remember just this…) Who said courage wears a red badge? It’s just khaki capris, a black tee, I pull out of the closet for a day dawning summer, me leaving the house for the heat, for appointment and errands. I have no red badge of courage, but I wear prayer, the murmur of the weak made strong in the breaking. ...

  • a plan for life

    On Tuesday, September 21 st, 2010

    “For all that has been, thanks. For all that shall be…. yes.“ ~Dag Hammarskjold Photos: sunflowers from the garden giving gloryShare your thoughts? If you would like Holy Experience posts quietly tucked into your reader or emailed to your inbox for free…

  • What is Really in the Midst of Every Messy House

    On Friday, August 13 th, 2010

    Somebody stands in the kitchen near the end of the day and calls someone with a higher pitched whine an idiot. And I hear it and I hear the ensuing wail and I wince and I am at the end of my rope near the end of the day and I rail perfectly ugly about the beauty of grace and this is not how Christians talk and we do not say things like that around here and some kid notes that...

  • weekends are for the mess

    On Saturday, April 10 th, 2010

    And I’m in our bedroom stacking The Farmer’s freshly laundered denims when I hear the back door slam shut. Malakai’s in. And I hear his still-outside voice holler loud at Shalom over the brrr whirl of the pop-pop-pop-popcorn maker, “Popcorn? Did Mom really say you could make popcorn, Shalom?” And I hear it too when Shalom unplugs the popping pop...

  • When You Hope….

    On Thursday, January 14 th, 2010

    On the last night of the year, the eve of the clean and unsullied hopes, eve of a whole brand spanking new decade all stretched out just fresh, we do the wild and unthinkable, something we’ve done only once before and only then after we had sung a happy birthday and blew out all the candles. My father invites us to bowl. To take balls like heads and make them roll. Pin...

  • The Real Secret to Happy Homemaking

    On Friday, January 08 th, 2010

    TThe epiphany comes after Epiphany, in my first week of the year of yes. A blue jay sits in the spruce boughs. The washing machine hums as it scales Mount Washmore. A half dozen boisterous kids play dominoes and cut paper and sew material and clack the long needles. I’m standing in the kitchen with the dishes stacked and the floors fallen and scattered and all the world ...

  • When You Can’t Figure Out What the Answer Should Be

    On Wednesday, December 30 th, 2009

    Snow falls outside the window, whispers. I lie on her bed, listening to white. In the grey, night changes into a sweater of day and branches of the bare lilac slips on lace. She cups into me. She’s listening too. Her and I, we often lie together in the early and plan. “Mama?” “Mmmmm…” I murmur into her nest of curls. “Mama… today...

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