Come on in!

It’s quiet in here. I know — it can get a bit loud out there. And we all get tired.

Come rest a bit? Nice to meet you! My name’s plain & simple Ann, without even the fanciful ‘e.’ I’m a farmer’s wife & we’ve got ourselves a happy mess of 6 kids. I scratch out amazing grace stories for you here in this journal & sometimes real books but, look, could I just get you a glass of cold water right now and the relief of some easy words we call Soul Multivitamins?

It’s a generous helping of relief — the exhale your soul’s looking for on those days that feel dry brittle. You know — those days that are perfect kindling for burning bushes.. for holy experiences with God.

Ancient Limbs
Filled with meaning
Why read?
One Piece Life
Of Dispensers and Thermostats
Carnival of Beauty: The Beauty of Sacrifice
Little Stuff
Vast Treasure of Content
Upcoming Carnival of Beauty: Sacrifice
A Way to Holistically Homeschool: Seven Daily Rungs

Hi I'm Ann.